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Do Us Part Trailer

Directed by Richard Valencia


A dramatic short film following the story of a young couple, Parker and Ellie. After finding out that Ellie's cancer has relapsed for the second time the two of them are brought to discuss their futures, with or without each other.


Diogo Says: This movie is full of feelings to make everyone sad and cry. GET EXCITED! Also, my hair is long in the trailer but short in the actual film. How??? Movie magic.








Letting Go Trailer

Directed by Christina July Kim


After discovering a secret that her boyfriend has been keeping from her, Melody has to decide whether to keep holding on to the relationship or if she has the strength to let go.


Diogo Says: Grant and Melody's relationship isn't going so great but this is a part of 2016 feature film "...For a Reason" which is great

Seth Lael - "Jimmies Dream"

Directed by Jason Joseffer 


The music video for “Jimmy’s Dream.” A song that depicts the harsh housing and renting market in the bay area.


Diogo says: This video is pretty much a documentary about what it is like to live in San Francisco. It's too real!

Good Bad Luck

Directed by Steven Beau Dallas


Diogo Says: Two stoners play the lottery. Do they win? I'm not going to spoil it for you. No spoilys! Never spoilys.


Special voice over cameo - Diogo as old timey radio announcer








Last Night

Directed by Christoph Rivera


Diogo Says: Two friends grow real close to each other one night. Now they got to confront their true feelings like totally mature adults. Totally mature. 







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