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'CARRION COMFORT' is screening in L.A. Lift-Off's Online Film Festival 2016! you have until SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 to watch it. I know what you are thinking, "Diogo, you must be one of the three lovely ladies in the poster, right???" No. Common mistake. I am a different character.

Let me break it down for you. - It is online. Click the link. - Pay $10 to access the entire festival. (stay with me now!) - Check out #54 WATCH IT. Comment on it. VOTE FOR IT. - COMMENT and announce the name of the film you're voting for! - You can watch other shorts too...but don't vote for them. ONLY VOTE FOR CARRION COMFORT. IF YOU VOTE FOR OTHER THINGS I WILL FIND YOU AND SMASH YOUR COMPUTER WITH A HEAVY FISH AND MAKE YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE SMELL TERRIBLE FOREVER. - If threats don't work, know that I will love you forever if you do this and I will owe you one favor.

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