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Directed by Bruce Somers


I am a cowboy.  A sweaty cowboy afraid of video games because, just like in real life, I am terrible at them.






The Electron Wheel

Directed by James Parker

I can ride a bike. Also the bike can kind of ride itself. 





Sparcade Launch Trailer

Directed by James Manion


Here I am back for more video games. Watch carefully and you will see that I am, in fact, still bad at them.







iTron Charger

Directed by Peter Pan


iTron is the fastest portable charger so far (18 mins to recharge itself with its 9000mph capacity and around 3 mins to have enough juice for fully charging your phone)







Lucy "I see LUCY everywhere"

A commercial in which a girl confuses my butt with the logo for womens athletic clothing. Might as well be my autobiography right???

Phomento Commercial

I play a loving boyfriend who takes his lady and best friends out to the beach for a campfire and marshmellow roast where they discuss life and bond in what is one of the greatest moments of their lives.  Or at least that is what the commercial implies. It's a photo app. LET THE PHOTOS TELL YOU THE STORY.

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