Diogo Hausen



Height: 6’

Weight: 170

Represented by:

Luber Roklin Entertainment (LA)

Daniel Hoff Agency (LA Commercial)

Del Corral (South East)

MDT Talent (San Francisco)

Diogo Facts!
  • Geography: Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, grew up in Miami, FL, lives in LA.

  • Specialties

    • Action Acting - Stunt trained by Melissa Tracey & John Kreng and Tony Vella.

    • Comedy - See me perform sketch comedy with SPLASH! every second saturday of the month at The Ruby LA.

    • Filmmaking - Oh, it's not only acting. Check out the creative side right here.

  • Education: Studied psychology and is a licensed acupuncturist

  • Favorite Bird: Toucan

  • Hobbies:

    • Reading comic books

    • Riding a skateboard

    • Golf!

    • Hiking with humans

    • Walking with Lumpy Cat

2010 - present
2010 - present